The Annual Earnings of Platform Coins Spiked by 1300%, “DOMINO” is Likely to Be the Optimal Investment Option.

Among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market value in 2021, Binance Coin(BNB) significantly outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum, its two competitors, in the current year. The data of Arcane Research, a blockchain data research company, showed that cryptocurrency issued by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance rose by approximately 1300% in 2021; Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by 65% and 408%, respectively when compared.

Figure 1 (BNB details)

BNB, a globally leading cryptocurrency exchange, is widely used in Binance Exchange, and it is also the underlying coin of binance smart chain (BSC), a the blockchain platform. BNB skyrocketed from the initial price at $ 0.09 to $ 330 currently with the growth rate up to 3000 folds, it is extremely stable, and the its price ever peaked the maximum value of $690.

It may be too late to join in BNB, while abundant and similar opportunities are available. It is learned that a new 3.0 exchange ecology “DOMINO” is expected to be launched. “DOMINO”, a decentralized inter-blockchain transaction protocol combining GameFi, DeFi and Web3.0, is designed to integrate the superiorities of multiple chains and set up a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem, and DOMINO is a new 3.0 decentralized exchange integrating decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Well ! What Are the Superiorities of “ DOMINO”?

Mitchell, the marketing director of “DOMINO”, told the reporter that the “PlaytoEarn” and AMM business models were adopted to integrate DeFi, GameFi and Web3.0 into the multi-chain ecosystem of DMNDEX, and DOMINO was supported to be presented online and enter Gamefi through the token DMN after the presales event.

Features of DMNDEX:

DMNDEX is decentralized requiring no real name registration account. Traditionally, Binance, Huobi Global and other token are presented on the platform. The cable cable is supported to be unplugged at any time for the contract platform, the dumping is enabled through the platform data, and the rules are set by the platform. In the 3.0 exchange, the rules are all on-chain, open and fair, and the ownership of the token is 100% self-owned.


In the past, decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap and SushiSwap were found to have complex operation pages and high learning costs for users. However, 3.0 Exchange, combined with pages of the centralized exchange, exhibits traditional candlestick chart, contract transaction, maker in trading market, etc., and will enable the users to feel simple and easy to use.

Ecological Diversity

NFT transaction market and Web3 social protocol are added in 3.0 Exchange.

Fund Security

It is well known that the validation on the security of a contract indicates the auditing of the contract through an audit company. Prior to the launch of 3.0 Exchange, three non-identical security auditing offices will be employed to audit our contracts, and we aim to set up up a safe and convenient transaction platform for you.

Over a dozen permissionless blockchains and dozens of wallets are supported.

Figure 2 (Ledger structure of Domino)

Domino will create an open, fair, transparent and secure decentralized aggregation ecosystem in the future. Seizing the composite DEX industry as an opportunity by feat of the entertainment and social networking, we will set up a globally top DEX composite ecological application system expanding GAMEFI and NFT based on Defi in the context of Web3.0, provide one-stop liquidity service for more high-quality assets, and supply users with more secure, reliable and cost-effective transaction experience with more diversified assets.


DMN Tokenis the core of Domino economic ecosystem, and it is also the platform token of DMNdex, in which you will be allowed to get the discount & dividend of platform service fee and gain community voting governance rights, ecological application for Web 3, NFT casting and other equities!

DMN is aimed at creating a brand-new decentralized aggregation ecosystem for global users. Through DMN Token, Domino Ecosystem will reasonably distribute the equities to the communities (including all participants like the developers, investors and users) to realize value interconnection and achieve real mutual benefits and win-win. DMN is considered to have appreciation effect, and DMN profits will automatically flow into DMN through smart contracts in the future.

The presales event of DMN will be divided into five phases with a total period of 50 days, and DAPP will be launched online immediately after the presales event. Users are allowed to apply DMN to enter the Gamefi in DAPP, and acquire DMN and AMN, which, as a sub token, will only have the appreciation instead of depreciation. Moreover, DAPP will initiate the single token pledge and LP pledge. Currently, DMNDEX is in development, and it is expected to be launched by the end of the year.


English Name: Domino
Platform Token: DMN
Ecology Token
Total Circulation of DMN: 210 Million Coins
Resonance Presales 20%
Airdrop Reward
Added to the Bottom Pool
Ecological Application
Token Dividend

How will “DOMINO” Develop in The Future?

The roadmap is roughly divided into three phases, and Phase I is expected to be kicked off at the end of June:

Phase I

1) The presales event of Token DMN will be inaugurated, and Domino game will be launched upon the completion of presales event.2) The plan is be implemented by concentrating on the pledge or acquisition in the form of DeFi+GameFi+NFT tokens

Phase II

1) For DeFi+Web3.0, the plan will be made by focusing on the application scenarios of DeFi decentralized financial ecology.2) The main net online launch, online token launch, single token enabling & LP pledging and NFT equity token online launch will be conducted.3) Domino multi-chain decentralized exchange will be launched.

Phase III1) Web3.0+SocialFi I will focus on Web3.0 social platform ecology, realizing the implemenration scene of DOMINO.2) The asset management ecology and multi-chain aggregation ecological application will be launched.

How to Join in “DOMINO”?

DMN Token will be granted to early participants in the manner of airdrop at earlier stage. You are recommended to actively pay attention to the official announcement, you are advised to take first resonant pre sales at $0.08 with DMN Token at the end of June, and then all of you will be allowed to join. It is revealed that completely new reward mechanism will be set up for Domino, and every participant is allowed to receive the reward.

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