DOMINO opens a new era of decentralized aggregation ecosystem

In traditional finance, if users want to obtain related services, they must go through financial institutions and accept a series of complex terms and procedures. Financial institutions have a huge impact on users’ trading qualifications and trading needs. With the rise of digital technologies such as blockchain, the emergence of DeFi has made financial services more decentralized, innovative, borderless and transparent. DeFi not only lowers the threshold and is open to anyone who can connect to the Internet, but also creates a world where value flows freely, bringing dramatic changes to the financial industry.

Moreover, with the booming of the DeFi market, the concept of Web3.0 is also quietly emerging. The emergence of the most typical application ecosystem DOMINO (Chinese name: Domino) in the evolution to Web3.0 has caused widespread industry awareness. focus on. According to the official introduction of DOMINO, DOMINO is a one-stop decentralized aggregation ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain that integrates game competition, staking, NFT token dividends and other elements. DeFi, gaming competition and Web 3.0 merge into the ecosystem. Specifically, the metaverse is the ecological background, and the gameplay of DeFi and game competition can simulate economic competition and cooperation between players.

DOMINO is jointly initiated by the British DMN Foundation, DCG, WINKLEVOSS and SEQUOIA. The foundation is a leading global venture capital organization founded in 2019. The original team of the British DMN Foundation has rich investment experience in the global financial field. The founder Elijah led the establishment of a well-known leadership team in the industry. The team members are engaged in DAPP development, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Web3.0, chain games, auctions, and financial fields. He has market and practical experience in other aspects, not only has strong technical ability, but also has excellent scientific research ability, and has achieved outstanding results in many fields.

The “Play to Earn” business model adopted by DOMINO is the latest development in the gaming industry. This model embraces the concept of an open economy capable of giving players ownership of in-game assets and allowing players to increase their value by actively playing the game. The core of Domino’s is Earn, and Play is just the process of participating. Domino is using the means of information technology, spanning time and space, bursting out the light of fairness and inclusiveness, bringing more wealth appreciation to game players, a perfect world is ahead, because the dominoes have begun to fall!

DOMINO will make full use of the characteristics of blockchain technology to provide truly transparent, lower-risk, higher-yield investment, lending, trading and other services for participants in financial activities. With the continuous implementation of various applications, Domino will solve the problems of difficult safe storage and effective appreciation of assets owned by digital asset holders; provide mortgages, loans, investments, custody, and multi-chain decentralized transactions for digital assets. Exchange, AI intelligent investment, Web 3.0-related business application scenarios, and chain game NFT trading market services. Create a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) distributed financial system, provide decentralized financial derivatives and related services, allow global users to carry out financial activities anytime and anywhere, and truly realize inclusive finance.

DOMINO DAO hopes to build a safe, efficient and decentralized open blockchain underlying network through mechanism innovation, and introduce a democratic decision-making process, so that DAO members can jointly decide the direction of network upgrade and the implementation of decision-making events, show collective wisdom, and help high-quality The development of the project promotes the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology. So as to truly create an open, fair, traceable, distributed, transparent and credible decentralized aggregation ecosystem based on the Web3.0 era. Strive to benefit the public, and make Domino a platform where everyone can participate, contribute to participation, and contribute rewards.

The birth of a new industry will always bring many opportunities, and along with the opportunities, there will also be many challenges. Discover the future and lead to the future!

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